Senior Portraits for Josh from Belen Jesuit Prep Class of 2015

Senior Portraits don’t have to be boring, take a look at the images captured during Josh’s Senior Zone portrait session. To book a session for your senior session please call our studio @305.984.8028.

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Currently booking Class of 2015 and Class of 2016 Senior Portraits.

Christopher Columbus High School Senior Portraits @ Senior Zone

Here is our slide show made up of some of the great images we captured of Joey. Joey is a senior at Columbus High School in Miami. Joey enjoyed an Urban Jam session that includes both indoor and outdoor portraits. Please enjoy the show and remember your senior portraits don’t have to be boring! Senior Zone…It’s Different.

Senior Portraits with Video Fusion-Available at Senior Zone High School Photography

Senior pictures don’t have to be ordinary! At Senior Zone we understand how important your senior pictures are to you. This is why we take the time to design a session that is unique to you! We love it when seniors bring in personal props like musical instruments or their jersey from their favorite sport. If you are ready for a different Senior Portrait Experience, call us today for a no obligation consultation 305.984.8028.

Hey Class of 2013, Your senior pictures don’t have to be boring

Many of our clients are misinformed about senior pictures.  It is common for parents and seniors alike to think that they are stuck with the boring images offered by the contract photographer of the school.  Not only are the images “cookie cutter” in style, but the experience is also that of a factory.  It’s really not their fault, it’s just the way they need to do business when they are trying to shoot thousands of seniors.  Its like a Mcdonalds sure you can customize whats on your burger but the quality and the service is still pretty much the same.  Senior Zone at Barquin Photography concentrate on servicing only a small number of high seniors and are able to offer a personalized shoot that will be nothing like your friend’s images.

Most don’t realize that you have a choice when it comes to your senior portraits.   Sure you may need to go get the required cap and gown yearbook shot but you are not obligated to purchase something that you are not satisfied with.   This is a very important time and will probably be the last time you are photographed before your wedding.  Ouch!  I know it sounds scary but it’s a fact that once you go away to college you are not likely to have a professional photo shoot until the next special occasion in your life, which for most is your wedding day.   Senior portraits are something that will be an heirloom for both you and your parents alike.  If you have a fun idea for your session, please call us today at 305.984.8028.

Senior Portraits-It’s Different

If your a Junior in high school then I’m sure your excited about becoming a Senior next year.  It’s what you’ve been waiting for since you started high school.  Senior year is full of adventures and new experiences.  One of those will be your senior pictures.  Most of the high schools in Miami have contracts with large chain studios.  These studios must operate in a very systematic  and efficient way.  That is the way the crank out 1000 sessions and more in a week.  I really applaud them for being able to do that so quickly.   However due to their HUGE volume of work they really cannot get very creative.  It’s not their fault, it’s just their business model.    For us here at Senior Zone, each client is different and each session is different.  We can afford to do that because we’re not shoot thousands of students.  When you come to Senior Zone for your senior pictures we will customize your session to fit what you’re all about.  If you’re a runner perhaps we can do a fun session at a track right at dusk.  Or if your a football player, maybe we can create a dramatic composite.  Either way we design the session for you and about YOU!  We are currently looking for models to represent our studio for our latest marketing campaign.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Senior Zone crew Member, click on the link on the left side of our blog.  We will send you all the requirements to be a crew member.

Either way make sure you get senior portraits that are special to you.  It makes no sense to get the same exact images and poses that everyone else in your class gets.  If you want something different please call us.  You won’t be sorry!

Senior Zone Photography at LPP Gallery


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